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*This story is the second part of the Dreams Happen series. Refer to the comment box or take a trip to my gallery to go to the beginning.*

"You know you should really eat more Scott. I'm pretty sure your current eating habit is not healthy." A tall woman said eyeing her child from across the table.

"I know mother, I hear that from you every day."Scott looked up from his book shortly to give his reply. This speech was beginning to become part of his daily routine, and he was growing tired of it.

"You say that every time and yet you continue to eat anything. I'm just worried. Have you even considered your nightmares just might stop happening so much if you just begin to eat more."

"I kind of doubt that. I've had these dreams long before I began to eat less."

"Just drop it, that kid won't listen this time if he has not listened the several other times."The father replied before returning to his coffee. "Besides it has not effected his health yet."

"Not effected his health? Have you seen his report card? He is failing PE."

"So he is the the athletic type. I wasn't either. At least he has one up from me and is quite studious. All the other classes have high marks."

"Don't you start with me Henry. Now get up from your seat and help me with the dishes." Both parents sat up from the table and moved the dirtied dishes to the sink where they started the process of washing them. Scott simply stood up from the table and walked to his room all the while reading his book. He Found this a bad habit he wished to break, but he always found himself losing and continuing to read the book.

In his room he proceeded to his bed where relaxed. For a brief moment he sat the book down and eyed his room. To any other kid this room would scream small and cramped, but to him it felt like home. On each wall stood several bookcases filled with books, covering the walls. The small portion of white wall that could be scene was behind both the small desk and around the bed. On the desk was a small desk light and several work supplies scattered about. His bed was also plain, with a dark blue sheets with a contrasting white pillow cases.  A small nightstand was next to the bed, which held another small lamp, a small alarm, and a place to set his glasses for the night when he wished to sleep. Feeling he gave his eyes enough time to rest he opened his book back open, drowning out the fighting of his parents with the pages of words.

The hours seemed to pass by and sure enough the book which was freshly started was soon dwindling down to the final few pages, which was quickly finished. Setting the finished book down onto the nightstand, where it would stay for the night he stretched and felt the burden of sleep wash over him. Knowing he would not be able to fight sleep for long he got up and rushed to the bathroom where he brushed his teeth. Outside the bathroom door stood in the silent hallway. He sighed as he returned to his room. He knew his father was sleeping on the couch after standing up for him. He much more favored his father, but he still could not bring himself to hate his mother and loathed the almost daily fights between the two. Slowly he got under the covers of the bed and let the newly finished book sink through his mind.


Faster than he expected he entered his dreams. He often quickly realized it was a dream due to the odd happenings. In from of him stood a simple street sign, it gave three directions. To the north was a place called Innsmouth, to the east Zar was written. The name written on the west was worn and illegible. Quickly he knew what this dream was. He quickly recognized from the names two names as places from stories written from by H.P. Lovecraft. He slowly went over the options. He could move forward and face the horrors which dwells in Innsmouth, face the forgotten dreams Zar, or face whatever lies in the west.

Scott took a deep breath and felt bold. He took a sharp turn and began to walk down the broken gravel road to the west. The minutes seemed to pass as he walked slowly, dead tree after dead tree passing by his side. He turned around suddenly and could no longer see anything from where he began. Turning around with the intent of resuming his walk he was amazed by the sudden change of scenery. In front of him now was a dock, with a lone submarine getting ready to depart. Scotty moved forward, knowing very well he would be forced onto the submarine if he choose not to. Upon entering the hatch he heard it shut tight. He was now wearing a German Navy uniform. After taking a few steps the sub began its voyage.

Time passed quickly, everything blurring past quickly, only to slow down occasionally. When the dream slowed down Scott watched the events slowly take place. Very little interaction with the crew was made, knowing how the story went. Finally they sunk the British freighter Victory. While Scott admired the way it sunk bow first things began to speed up again to sunset that night. Upon surfacing a young man from the destroyed ship was found clinging desperately to the railing of the sub. Scott watched as the crew search the corpse for any belonging and brought out an ivory sculpture of a crowned head. The following moments the youth was thrown overboard, but not before Scott watched the youth's eyes open. Scott simply turned face and reminded himself it was the dream doing this.

The time passed quick quickly. Several of the crew was shot for going mad, all but Lieutenant Klenze, Lieutenant-commander Karl Heinrich, and finally himself. The sub underwent some troubles and refused to listen to any input on the controls, so they were stuck under the ocean with a ever diminishing supply of air and food on the sub. When the dream slowed down again, Scott heard Klenze attempt to convince Karl to jump ship in a bout of madness, and eventually all was quiet.

Several more days passed quickly. It was rather quiet other than Karl, but he would not recognize him, and Scott preferred it that way. Scott left his chambers and beheld Karl writing his final letter before he set outside the submarine towards the temple. Scott watched the best he could, for he was curious if something new would happen to this story, but alas the darkness cut his view greatly and Karl was soon lost within the darkness. Scott stood watching the strange glowing temple. He himself now felt the strange call from within, but he held fast hoping to wake from this dream before it took a turn for the worst. As he turned his head away from the temple something caught in the corner of his eye. Looking back it seemed to be a faint orange  glow, seemingly like a pair of eyes glaring back at him. Needing to see what it was he turned around to search for a second diving suit to venture out into the dark depths of the ocean. Almost immediately a suit was found. Without a further delay he put the suit on and exited the stranded sub. He looked around at first and found only darkness, except for the temple, which now gently glowed.

He moved slowly through the water until the entrance to the cave was right above. He stood there for several minutes to try to find what beckoned him in the first place. Finding nothing he decided to return back to the sub until a deep growl came from within the cave. He stood there, paralyzed from the loud sound. Something began to move forward towards the entrance of the cave till it was just within the caves shadows. It held his eyes with the same orange glaring eyes. It just stared at Scott without moving. Finally the dream began to end, and as Scott began to wake up a laugh of that from a large creature emitted from inside the large cave.


Scott woke up suddenly as the alarm went off. He gave a slight shudder with the fading memory of last nights dream, but was thankful that it was rather tame compared to his normal dreams. With a slight shrug he moved from the bed and gathered his clothes for the day. After getting dressed he returned to his bedroom and gathered a new book from one of the bookcases. With that in hand he rushed downstairs picked up his backpack and headed off for school.

Outside the weather was gloomy and threatened to give an early spring rain. Scott walked quickly down the sidewalk towards school. He managed to reach the schools ground in record time. As he entered the main doors thunder roared in the distance as the sky above began to pour down. Looking back for a only a second he hurried off to his homeroom. Upon settling down in his assigned seat he dug out the new book and began to read. As time moved on the classroom began to fill up as the bell drew ever closer to signaling the start of class.


The first several classes went by slowly, as nothing new was taught that he hadn't already taught him self. Finally it was time for lunch. The normal energetic chatter from the students filled the room. After getting his tray of food consisting of a burger, milk, and a few other thing, he surveyed the room for a place to eat then read his book in peace. Every table but one was filled. The only table not filled up had a single person eating away at her lunch. From what he could tell she was the girl that attempted to murder her brother, or at least thats what many of the rumors about her said. An equal amount of rumors told that she actually killed her brother along with a couple of others. Seeing no other openings he took a deep breath and walked over to the table, after all it could not be much worse that what he faces in his dreams.

Taking his place at the farthest corner away from her he nibbled on a small forth of his burger before felt full. Pushing his tray away he took out his book and resumed where he left off. He often felt glancing coming from all directions, but he simply shrugged it off and became absorbed into his book.

Eventually the school day ended.  The clouds still hold the dark grey tint, with the occasional streak of lightning jumping across the sky, but not a drop has fell since it stopped three hours after it started in the morning. Wanting to rush home before it does begin to pour again Scott exited the school rather quickly. He reached his home and entered the door. Inside the three bedroom house he put away his shoes and rushed to his bedroom. He set his backpack up on the hook handing from the wall and took out the book he has been reading. Since he had to stop reading when the lunch bell rang he could not wait to get home and open it back up again.


Nighttime hit hard along with the rain. The rain striking the ground with the occasional lightning and thunder. Dinner was just like every other day. He dealt with his parent's arguing just long enough to eat and return to his reading. He was always thankful they stayed away from him when he retreated to his room to read, it provided a area of peace for him. Outside the closed door however the occasional fighting could be heard. This fighting however was a minor nuisance to him for he was easily able to drown it out by absorbing into the current book.

Page by page he read, only skipping over the stories he has previously read in the other book. Finally he finished the final story and sighed as he felt the need for sleep creep on him. Getting out of his chair he stretched and moved into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Upon returning he put on his normal sleeping clothes on before crawling into bed and turning off the light. The signs of sleep fell upon him quickly.


Scott found him inside the dreamworld again. He looked around trying to gain his location. All around were old styled buildings with no sign of life could be seen or heard. The sky told it was around eight in the morning. The wind brought a heavy smell of fish, which gave the impression of being next to water. In that brief moment it hit him with the realization in where he was, Innsmouth.

The realization of his location brought forth a small wave of panic. Scott knew the story well, and he knew of what horrors awaited him. After his small breakdown, he calmed his nerves as much as possible. With steady hands he moved forth through the empty streets searching for some sort of indicator of how long he had till he had to face the horrors. After a short travel he came upon a small convenience store. Inside a normal looking boy of around seventeen was behind the counter. He seemed rather eager to talk and held a sunny disposition despite being in this gloomy town. He was ever helpful and he drew a map of the town for Scott. Scott pocketed the map to find some money, which he used to buy a few packets of crackers, despite knowing full well it would not curb the hunger in this dream.

The town was just like in the story. It was rather empty, and it held no library or chamber of commerce. Wanting to just get the horrid nightmare to come over with Scott followed the map as he rushed around corners to the hotel. He only came upon a small handful of people on his way to the hotel. Even the clerk inside held the same characteristics as the locals.  He had a narrow head with bulging watery-blue eyes which tended not to wink. A flat nose, receding forehead and chin, and a pair of underdeveloped ears detailed the rest of the features of his emotionless face. Scott checked in to his room for the night. The bed was uneven and hard. Other than the door he came through two other doors were present, one to the north room and one to the south. He moved over to the bed and awaited nightfall after locking and bolting down all three doors.


Night came much quicker than expected, even for a dream. Outside the streets were dimly lit by the few lamps around the city. Above the full moon shown brightly, with a slight orange glow which brought forth the memory of the orange eyes from the previous dream. Shuddering slightly he went to go check that the doors were locked tight. He returned to the bed and awaited quietly for the events to begin to unfold.

Scott did not need to wait long, for only a few minutes have passed as he was beginning to feel drowsy a that a rattling came at his door from someone attempting to gain access through the use of a key. Scott looked around the dim room for something to defend himself. After a short time the rattling at the door stopped and footsteps entered the north room where it was attempted again. Not gaining entry, the south room was then tried, only to end the same way. Footsteps were heard heading downstairs, giving him some time to get to safety. Scott finally found a flashlight. Despite knowing that the lights were cut off, he tried the switch, which proved his guess right. Stopping suddenly he attempted to remember how the story went, how the original character managed to escape. Below him conversation in a not so human language could he heard below. Remembering he sprung into action, moving the large furniture a noiselessly to block entry from the outer door and the south door

Suddenly the chatter below broke out and they went up the stairs where they knocked at the outer door. Quietly Scott moved over to the north door and prepared himself, cursing him for not eating more and having a little big more weight. He just hoped he will be able to bust the north door down and quickly escape. The knock was repeated several times getting louder. Using this to his advantage Scott rushed into the door repeatedly. With a final rush he forced open the connecting door, only to hear the sounds of keys beginning to open both northern and southern rooms. Scott rushed over just in time to lock the door before they gained entrance.

Quickly Scott opened the door, remembering it being unlocked within the story and rushed over to close the outer door as it was being opened. He managed to force the intruder back and lock the door. It would serve to buy him little time for his escape.  The sounds of them attempting to open the locked doors became louder, and Scott remembered the north door was wide open, with the outer door to the northern room being open. Having no time he latched the north and south door shut and rushed to the south window.The pursuers moved to the northern room and started to join their efforts to open the north connecting door.

Grabbing the draperies and the poll with brass rings he formed a quick rope ladder. Using it he descended to the nearby roof and entered the black skylight without trouble. Scott managed to make his way to the bottom floor where he stopped and let his heart calm down from its frantic beating before he continued. He moved to the back door down into a dark street. He walked down Washington street finding several of the doors to be open. He took a breath and entered the first door. The back door was shut, but that was the last thing on his mind at his moment. For from out of the hotel came a large crowd exited in search for him. The horrible language Scott had heard below him was once again being used, however this time it sounded much more like croaking. They separated into several directions.

Slowly and carefully Scott moved south along the town to attempt to get away, the events of the book being forgotten with the building fear of these creatures. Several times spotted a dark shadowy figure, which appeared to glare back at him with orange glowing eyes. The shadow figure did not approach however, it just moved within the crowd every time. Eventually Scott came into view of the south exit, which was being guarded. Slapping his head he recalled this part. Knowing where he must go he changed his direction west, along the old abandoned train tracks.

He managed to make it without much trouble. However as he continued along the tracks he stopped suddenly. It was not the sound of the ever growing mob which caused him fright, but it was the shadow figure standing before him. The shadowy figure was rather plump and had thick arms. His fingers curved out to sharp points, as if their purpose was to render flesh. The orange eyes glared into his eyes, and a wide white fanged grin appeared against the dark shadows.

He slowly began to approach as the mob moved closer. The mob could be sen, and it was composed of things which could be considered fish-like. They stopped as they spotted Scott, and joined the shadowy figure. They surrounded him, no place was left to run. Along side the fear the thought of the story, and how it was suppose to progress.

"Dear boy, this is not the story, and it is very real, which you will find out soon enough." The shadow said through a fanged mouth as if reading the boys thoughts.

A look of utter fear took hold of Scott as the shadow began to move forward. He reached out with his claws and in one swift movement a sharp pain could be felt through his right arm which he moved just in time to block the attack.


Scott jumped upright in bed. He could feel his heart pounding. As he attempted to raise his right hand to wipe the sweat off his forehead he froze, as fear took him once again. The very same cut from the dream was on his arm, which was still bleeding.
The first chapter of the second part to the Dreams happen series. This chapter references some of the locations by H.P. Lovecraft.

Zar - The White Ship
The submarine - The Temple
Innsmouth - The Shadow over Innsmouth

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