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*Warning, this story deals with Lesbian Themes, and suicide. If you are opposed to these subjects I suggest looking at one of the other story series I have begun.*


For weeks nothing significant has happened. For some reason the dream kept repeating night and night again. Near the end of it all she wanted to do was stay and drink of her beauty. Never lose site of her again. In her dreams she felt whole.

“Hello there Christy, I just got off the phone, and I have some news for you. You are to go to court when you are are deemed well enough.” All Christy could do was look at Sue quizzically speechless for a few seconds.

“What do you mean exactly? Was all Christy finally managed to say.

“Well after talking to a lawyer, it is decided to try for a separation from your parents. It would be for your safety.”

Christy did not know how to take the information just given to her. On one hand she would finally free from the rules and beatings of her parents, but on the other hand she has never been the self dependant person. She did not know where to begin on this journey. “Where will I live? I have no where else to go.” Christine asked the first thing on her mind.

“That is already being taken care of. After you are away from your parents, you become a free person. Your parents will be forced to send you enough money to provide you food and shelter. With that money you will be able to get your own apartment. I'd also be more than happy to help you look for a nice apartment.”

Christy looked up at Sue. Her emerald eyes shown with something that seemed vaguely familiar, but she could not place it. It felt as if she was staring into the eyes of someone else. She felt herself lost into those green pools as memories of the past took hold for a brief second.  “Why are you helping me as much as you are?”

Sue locked her eyes with Christy's eyes and smiled. “You remind me of my daughter. She was as carefree as you are, and a tomboy to boot.”

“Where is she now?”

Sue moved her eyes away and let her eyes wonder. For the brief moment before they moved away Christy felt pain in those eyes. “ . . . She was taken from me in a car wreck recently.”

With only that little bit of information Christy was able to pull together of who she was referring to.“I’m really sorry for what had happened.”

“She was about to introduce me to her boyfriend soon to . . . I heard he was nice. Her description of him reminds me a lot of you."

Christy flinched at the comment. She knew she was open about her life style except to her mother, who seemed to always find a way to dodge questions regarding. "She had a boyfriend? He must be feeling kind of depressed right now."

"I bet, but all I know is his name was Chris. I almost wish I could thank the lad for giving her smile back to her."

"I'm sure that person would like to meet you as well. You are so kind."

"Thank you Christy, shall we head back to your room? You seem to be getting a little tired?"

"Sure, some sleep sounds good right now."

With that Christy retired to her room, her mind filled with thoughts born anew of Sarah. She did not begin to resist as tears began to fall, and she soon drifted into a fitful sleep.


Back in the meadow Christy rushed back to the large clearing. When she came upon the fork in the road she looked down the darkened pathway and thought she caught a glimpse of something in the corner of my eye. She shook her head and pushed forward till she was back in the crowd of silent people. They walked without making a single sound. Christy searched the crowd over several times not finding the person she longed to see. She walked behind the oak, and there she was. She looked the same as she did when she was alive, the only thing different is her silence. Her blue eyes still sparkled brightly, her brown hair blowing in some unseen wind. Christy ran up to her with haste, but when she tried to close her arms to hug her she went right through her and she stumbled forward. She tried to talk to her, but with no luck. Christy suddenly looked around and found everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to face Christy. They all pointed to an opening in the trees, with a look of urgency in their dead eyes. As much as Christy tried to fight back against her heart she was forced away from her again, into an endless sea of trees. She kept walking quickly till she noticed a pair of blood red glowing eyes staring right at her, seemingly piercing to her soul. She began to walk even faster, the red eyes kept pace with ease. She found another fork in the road, along with another note.

“You have followed your heart so far, but there is always something to cloud your head. Take heed, he lurks in the shadows. I hope...” The last piece of the note was ripped off, leaving no hint as to what the writer hoped for.

Chapter 7

Christy awoke with a start back in her room right before Sal came in the opened the door and entered the room.

“Hello there Christy. How are you doing today?”

"I'm doing pretty well, just feeling the lack of sleep taking effect."

"Not sleeping all that well?"

"No, been having some strange dreams as of late."

"Well is there anything I might be able to do for you?"

“Could you see if you can get me in to see Mike today?”

“Not at all, I’ll let him know you will be coming in today. Would you like to wait in the garden in the mean time?”

“Yes please.” Christy didn’t really want to, but she needed to do something to get these dreams off her mind.

The garden looked brighter than usual. Christy walked over to the red roses, taking a seat on the near by bench. The flowers seemed to be very well taken care of. Christy surveyed the garden, having not taken the time to look at the garden. That was when the bed of lilies came into view. She got up and walked over to them. The soil seemed to be recently tilled, showing that these were new additions to the garden. Christy could not help but just to stare at the flowers as a flood of memories came rushing back.

After an unknown amount of time Sal came over to Christy, waking her from her daydreams. “Mike will now see you now Christy.” Christy got up and dusted her clothes off and she began to follow Sal. "Like the lilies? The gardener recently put them in, said they gave the garden some personality."

"Yes they are nice. They bring back some good memories."

The walk continued on with not a single word from either. They stood outside the door to Mike's office. Upon making herself known and given the word Christy entered the room, taking a seat on the long chair and awaited the session to begin.

“Hello there Christy. How are you feeling today?”

“To tell you the truth, not that well. I have not been sleeping all that well recently, and I’ve been visited by memories of Sarah all week.”

“Which would you rather talk about for this session?”

“I’d like to talk about the memories.”

“Alright then, lets start from the first time you seen Sarah.”

“It was a day I could not forget. It was a mid October day. The leaves were beginning to change and fall from the trees. I was around ten. That day was unseasonably warm. I was dressed in a dress, and had my hair wrapped up in a ribbon. I was walking to school as normal when I walked past some lilies. I bent over to examine them. Some time went by, and I realized I’d be late. As I got up I noticed Sarah next to me. I was extremely scared of strangers thinking they would cause me harm like my parents so I quickly gathered my things and ran away from her."

"I finally got to school and got into my desk. It was then I realized I dropped my locket that my mother gave to me. I knew the what awaited me back home if I lost it. Just then the bell rang. The teacher walked in. He had an announcement of a new student. It was then Sarah walked into the room looking slightly scared, but she tried to keep a tough look going. She wore a black T-shirt, with slightly faded black jeans. The teacher told her to take a seat next to me. As she passed by she dropped my locket onto my desk and gave me a slight smile. All during class I felt her staring at me. I felt my heart race, but I didn’t know why."

"During lunch I sat by myself, slowly eating my lunch as I normally did. She came and sat down next to me, despite my slight protest. It was silent for the most part till she introduced herself."

“Hi, I’m Sarah, that was a nice locket.”

“Thanks, I’m Christy.”

“I saw you looking at those lilies. Do you like them?”

“Lilies are my favorite flowers.”

“Lets be friends, alright.” She said with a cheerful grin on her face.


"It was from that day we hung around together. We became fast friends. Everyday after school I would walk her home, anything to drag out returning to my own home.”

“That’s quite the tale you have there. So you haven’t always dressed the way you tend to now?”

“No it was after some events around three years after that which changed my preference in clothing.”

“We finally got into 9th grade. By then people have began to spread rumors about us. Each day we felt their glares. It was, however, normal for a day at school. I simply told myself I was not like that, although I often had mixed feelings about that. It was not till after school one day diverted from its normal course."

"I just dropped Sarah off at home, and decided to continue to prolong my trip home with a trip through the cemetery. I’ve always felt at peace there, and would often gain inspiration for a photograph or a poem or something. I was about out when three guys came out from behind the tree. I tried to run, but they knocked me down. They began to kick me, all the while yelling insults. When I was lying there, I noticed Sarah come rushing up. She beat those boys to a bloody pulp, like they did me. She picked me up and carried me back to her place. I lost consciousness mid way through the trip back, but I do remember my heart begin to race again as she carried me."

"I woke up in Sarah’s bed. My head and torso was bandaged, and Sarah was right there beside the bed watching over me. I locked my eyes with her and we just stared into each other’s eyes. I had just escaped what could have been a near death experience thanks to her. My thoughts then turned to my parents."

“My parents… I need to get home right now. I’m in for it now.”

"Sarah gently pressed her hand against me. “Don’t move you will upset your wounds. I already took care of everything. For now all you have to worry about is resting up.”

"I could not help but be impressed. This person who shown me nothing but kindness to me was also able to take care of herself. It was then I wanted to be able to protect myself, to protect the ones I love."

"I stayed the night at her place. She took the floor, and I stayed in bed, despite my protests. I drifted in and out of sleep. I eventually woke up to a strange feeling. I apparently was having a nightmare of some sort as Sarah was holding me, gently stroking my hair. She simply whispered, “It’s alright, nothing will happen to you.”

"I simply replied with a simple thank you as we fall into a deep sleep.”

“It was since that night that I began having her train me on some ways of defending myself. It was also the turning point in which I began to switch my wardrobe to the current looks.”

Mike took a quick look at the clock hanging from the wall. “Well that about does it for today unfortunately. Come back again soon and we will finish this session when you’re ready. You can tell me about your dreams then."

“All right” was all she could manage. Christy's mind still thinking about how that embrace felt, to be held by someone who would not let harm come your way.

Chapter 8
“Alright, so what’s the big surprise today?” Christy looked around trying to figure out why Sal was leading her through the hallway.

“Well, the court date has been moved up. The courts decided that you are doing just fine now, and they set the date for this Friday. That is however a moot point, as someone is waiting to see you right now.”

Christy held her wrist, tracing the cut with her fingers. “… Who would want to see me?”

“You’ll see.” Sal said with a slight grin on her lips.

Christy continued on in silence. That last dream kept turning in her head repeatedly. It was not till they entered the doors to the cafeteria that she realized whom Sal meant.

“Hi Christy. Been a long time.” A girl said with a calm sound to her voice, and a grin to her face.

“Hi Jenny, how has life been on the outside?” Christy could not help but admire how Jenny has hardly changed. Her eyes were still a light shade of red. Her short black hair shined in the light. It was apparent she got some new clothes, as her pants and shirt were still without holes Christy was accustomed to seeing on her friend.

“It has been uneventful without you. Even the club has been silent about you.”

“That’s strange, I’d figure they would be the ones plotting how to get under my skin still. It still grates on my nerve that they followed you to the hospital. ”

“Yeah sorry about that.” Jenny grabbed the back of her neck and looked down “You know the saying. Give a dog a bone, and he follows you home.”

“Didn’t think there was enough bones for that group.” Both Christy and Jenny laughed lightly at the joke.

"I'm also sorry I did not see you in the hospital. I stayed in the hall when the club went in. I was hopeing to get some time to talk, but they used up the rest of the time there."

“So tell me, how has things been going here.”

“Its been going smoothly. The food they serve here is quite livable, unlike that they served at school. I am going to be going to court this Friday though.”

“Court? Why?”

“Well from what I gathered, its to make sure I’m saneish and to rid me of my parents.”

“Well thats good you are finally going to be rid of your parents, but where are you going to live?”

“That is still unknown. After the ok, I’ll be looking at apartments and such.”

“So you will be living alone then.” Jenny leaned over the table to rest her hands on her friend’s shoulders. “Remember to call me if things get too lonesome. In fact I found this new pool hall we can hang out if you’re ever feeling up to it.”

Christy looked at right into her eyes with a skeptical look on her face. “Please don’t tell me it’s another bar. I can’t deal with something like that again.”

“Well it’s a youth group. The old place closed became a bad place to hang out, a lot of bad people hanging around there now.”

“I see.” Is all Christy could manage without letting her fear of what Jenny considered a youth group.

The girls talked about several things, minutes rushing by quickly. “Well I guess visiting hours are just about over.” Jenn felt herself frown, not wanting to leave her friend in such a place. “If it’s any consolation I’ll be at that hearing. I’m here for you all the way.”

"Thanks you Jenn, that means a lot. I'm scared, and every friendly face will help. Christy just smiled as Jenny was escorted out of the room.

"With her support I feel I just might just be able to make it through the ordeal." Christy thought to herself as she waited in the empty room, the florescent lights buzzing above. Eventually Sal returned to the room shortly after.

"So how did it go? Enjoy talking to your friend?"

"Yeah, but how did you know she was one of my friends, and not just one of the people who I hung out with because of Sarah?"

"Well I spoke to her a little before hand, and it seemed to me she was one of the few people that cared for you."

"Well thank you for letting her see me, despite visiting hours ending a couple hours before hand."

"Don't worry about it, it just seemed to be a nicer way to break the whole court date. I know it was kind of sudden."

"Well thanks anyways. So I have been wondering, will my parents be at the meeting?"

"Of course, but don't worry they won't be able to harm you in any way, and if they attempt to do so you will be guarded by the police and other people."

"Well I think confronting them again is the most frightening thing to me. Much more so than the actual hearing."

"Well would talking to Mike help?"

"I think it would, but do you think he would mind?"

"Nah, he agreed to help you, and he will be here for you through it all."

Without another word Christy followed Sal through the twist and turns towards Mike's office.
The next three chapters. A lot was added to these on top of the normal changes. This was also where I stopped writing.

From this point on the next chapters will be freshly written.

Things get a little interesting as Christy's only other friend makes her appearance, as well as the events which will start her new life.

First Chapter
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