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*Warning, this story deals with Lesbian Themes, and suicide. If you are opposed to these subjects I suggest looking at one of the other story series I have begun.*

Chapter 2

Christy woke up in a plain white room. Her head felt light. She tried to sit up to figure out where she was, but she was strapped down not allowing her much movement. Her wrists were bandaged up. To the side was a IV sending blood into her. Just then someone entered the room. It was a female nurse.

“Good you are awake. How are you feeling?” She asked with a voice filled with fake concern. She opened her mouth to speak, but she could not find her voice. “Let me go inform the doctors and your guests that you have finally have awoken.”

Christy heard the door close, and there she was again, strapped to a bed with nothing but a constant beeping for company. She waited, trying to recall the previous events which brought her to this room. The door opened, and in came a male doctor of roughly thirty years of age.  “Glad your up and awake. You had us worried there for a bit. You have been asleep for two days. You have lost a lot of blood, but you were found just in time for us to save you. You can thank your friends for that." Christy gave a look of question regarding why her friends found her. "They went to your house to check up upon you, only to find the front door unlocked and slightly opened. They found you unconscious in the kitchen surrounded by a puddle of blood." The doctor said trying to fill in any details Christy might have.

"You have been strapped to the bed because you tried to inflict harm to yourself. Once you are better you will be transferred to Hillside Mental Hospital till such time you are deemed mentally stable, and no longer a danger to yourself or others. Listen, I don’t know why you attempted what you did, but you need to realize there is so much to live for. You mean so much to several people. The doctor said with a hint of sadness in his voice. "Enough talk from me, I bet you would like so see some familiar faces. I’ll send in some of your guests now.” With that he walked over to the door, and made a waving motion. Christy's parents entered the room with a look of mixed emotions.

“How could you do such a stupid thing Christy? Don’t you know how worried we were?” Christy's mother fumed. All Christy could do was laugh inside her head. They were most likely worried she would pull through. They would have finally got rid of the good for nothing daughter that went against their god’s teachings.

They soon left after they were done with yelling at their daughter, and then a group of admirers from school came in. “Christy we are so glad you are safe. We were the ones that found you. We hope you get well soon. And don’t worry about the people at school, we will take care of any body that makes fun of you Christy.” Having said their words with out a response they quietly left the room whispering to each other, most like about who liked Christy more.

She was now left in a the quiet room again, with only the beeping. She felt her eyes close and she fell into a deep sleep.

Her dream was peaceful. She found herself in a meadow of blue and yellow lilies. She was walking along a path leading to the forest. She felt like she was being drawn to it. She slowly came upon the entrance of the vast forest. Her heart felt a warm voice calling to it. She began her decent into the dark forest.

Chapter 3

Christy awoke in another white room, except this one was padded. She was no longer bound to a bed, but instead a straight jacket took its place. She started to get up on her feet, using the wall instead of her arms. She paced around the room, thinking of the events that have happened. The dream had a surreal feel to it, much like it was someplace familiar.

Just as she began walking past the door, a small piece moved. On the other side was a man in a white coat. He looked into the room and said to someone next to him “She is awake and moving about.”

He moved to the side to allow a taller female to take his place. “What is your name?” The voice was somehow calm. Something about the voice made me feel better.

“Christy Carter.”

“Hello there Christy, how are you feeling today?”

Her concern was strange, but the look from her eyes confirmed it was not being faked. Christy was always the person blamed, the scapegoat if you will. She was only ever shown concern by the few friends she had. While she found it hard to trust people, something about this person made me feel otherwise. "Other than having a dry throat, being unable to move my hands, and memories that haunt me, just peachy.”

“We can help with that, but first we need you to move away from the door so we can enter.”

Christy moved to the other side of the room. The door opened and the two people entered. The female had long brown hair, emerald green eyes, and rosy red lips. She stood around five feet three inches. If she had to guess she was roughly in her thirties. The man had blue eyes, black hair and stood roughly four feet three inches. The man carried a tray with a plastic cup filled with water, and some sort of unappetizing food. Her stomach growled with hunger.

“Here please eat while we go over some details of your visit.” The door closed, and the woman released her from the straight jacket. How she wanted to lunge at the food and eat my fill as quickly as possible, but she restrained myself. She slowly walked over to the food and began to eat. It tasted horrible, but she ate it anyways. She savored the water as she drank it quickly.

“You are here because you tried to commit suicide?” Christy looked up from the food and nodded to her question. “Could you perhaps tell me why you tried to kill your self?”

Christy looked down at the empty cup as her eyes began to feel heavy with tears. “My… best friend died.” By now the tears began to fall into the cup.”

“Why was she so important to you?”

“She was the first person who really showed me love. She was the first person I was able to truly open up to. She was there for me when I needed her. I loved her…” She began to trail off after the words forced them out.

“Here use this” She gave Christy a tissue. She used it to wipe her eyes clear of the tears for the moment. They began to write something down. “What about your parents? Don’t they love you?”

She shook my head. “They only pretended to like me when someone was watching. Even before they found out I was gay, they treated me like a punching bag.” Christy abruptly stood and showed the bruises on her back. The female doctor continued to write something down.

“Didn’t you ever tell anyone about that?” The female said in a voice of concern.

“No. Even through the pain I had that one person that kept me going, kept me alive. I was afraid if I said something she would be torn away from me.”

“Listen Christy, you will be here for a while. Many who fail suicide often try it again. It will be for your own safety, please understand.” Christy shook my head. “Good, I will be helping you through your time here. I have been assigned to your case, and I’ll do anything within my power to make your stay here as pleasant as possible. You may call me Sal.”

She looked her into the eyes, once again seeing that true concern. “Thank you” was all she could muster. With that they walked out, waving at me, leaving me to myself. Christy felt full and laid down in a corner and slowly let her self fall into a deep slumber.

Here she was again. She was in the same meadow. She was still being drawn to forest by a familiar voice. She ran this time. She entered the forest. She eventually came across a fork in the road. To her left was a darkened path, and a lighted path to her right. Her curious mind wanted to venture left, but her heart wanted to go right. She began the walk down the right side after a moment's thoughts, observing the strange glow the trees gave. She finally reached a clearing with a big oak tree in the center.

Chapter 4

“Christy… Christy, wake up Christy.”  Christy woke up feeling refreshed. Sal was by her side calling out to her. “Its time to get up. Lets go take a tour of your temporary new home shall we?

“Sure” was all she could say. Christy rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she stood up. Sal took her hand and they headed out to the lighted hallway. It took Christy's eyes a small while to adjust to the high amount of light, only made stronger thanks to the while walls and floors. "I have some good news. I sent in your analysis, and they consider you only a minor threat to yourself. So you have been given some rights to walk around the halls, with a staff member of course. See those doors to the right?" The two stopped in front of a set of doors. " That’s where you would have been moved if they considered you a major threat.”

They then began to walk down to the left. After a while we came across some normal looking doors. “Here we have the therapists. Mike will be working with you as well. All you have to do is talk to someone and let then know you wish to see him.” Christy took a silent note of that. She planned to make us of that. After a short walk they came across the cafeteria “This is the cafeteria. The same rule applies to here." She said hearing her own stomach growl with hunger. "Speaking of which, are you hungry?” Christy just nodded, for she still wanted some more water.

They entered the cafeteria. There were several tables around, with small chairs next to them. They were greeted with a warm smile from a guy named Mac. “So what would you and your little friend like today?” He inquired.

“Just a salad for me, thanks.” Sal said with a smile.

Christy looked up at the small menu and quickly her eyes fell on the item she wanted. “I’ll have a fruit salad if I may.”

“Sure thing little lady.” With that they got our food and drinks and sat down at a nearby table. There were others enjoying their food while quietly conversing amongst each other. Lunch was mostly quiet, except for the other people talking amongst themselves. Once they were finished they finished up the grand tour. Christy was taken to a small garden outside at the end. She looked around. It felt like she was trapped. The walls were like that of a prison. She let that thought pass as right now for she wanted nothing more than to feel the sun’s rays fall onto her face. She sat down near a wall, and drifted into sleep with the sun shining onto her face.

Once again she found myself wondering the meadow. She ran past the flowers to the fork in the forest. There she found a note. “Let you heart guide you. Don’t let your emotions enshroud you in the shadows.” She left the note where it was found, and continued down the right path. Her mind was thinking about the note along the way, and what it could have meant. Christy finally reached the clearing. She slowly moved towards the big oak tree. As she was walking she noticed a little girl, no more than eight walk past.

One thing she could not stand was seeing a neglected or lost kid. She walked over to the little girl. “Excuse me are you lost little girl?” The girl kept on walking, not answering. She tried again. “Are you lost little girl?” No response. Christy stood up and looked around. She was shocked to say the least. More people were now here. They said nothing. That is when she saw her.

Chapter 5

The next day she went to the therapist. Mike didn’t seem to fit the image of the staff. He wore a plain black T-Shirt with some pants. Around his neck was the only indication he was part of the staff.

“Hello there Christy. Please lay down on that seat there and we will get started.” She moved onto the seat. It was surprisingly comfortable. “So where do you want to start?”

“I really don’t know.”

“Lets start with what got you here then. Why did you feel you must attempt to end your life?”

She thought about the answer, wanting to control any emotional outbursts .“… Because someone near to me died. She pushed me aside and put herself in danger’s way.”

“ I see. Was she by chance considered more than a friend to you?”

“… what gave you that impression?”

“Simply the way you speak of her.”

“Yes she was. She meant everything to me. She was the first one to really care for me.”

“What about your parents? Surely they cared for you.”

Christy sighed as she felt her anger begin to rise at the thought of her parents. “As I told Sal they don’t give a damn about me. When people were around they were all right. But when the eyes were off, they shown their true selves. Even before they found out I was gay they beat me. They just got worse when I truly became their unholy bitch of a daughter.”

“Well you don’t have to worry. If we can have our way you will be free from their wrath.”

“Thank you” Was all she could say. Despite being restricted to about everything she felt safer and more at home in this building.

The two started go talk about what was on Christy's mind since arriving and up to that point. The time quickly passed by.

“That does it for this session, but I’d like to have another session with you in a couple weeks. You made great progress today, and if you keep this up your release from here will be ensured.” With that she shook hands and Christy left with Sal. Sal handed Christy a newspaper.

“Its to keep you up-to-date with recent events if you so wish.” All Christy could do is smile back at the woman walking next to her. For some reason she felt happy for once in her life.

Sal returned the smile.

To be continued...
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