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Christine jumped up abruptly from her sleep a gasp of air escaping her mouth and sweat still dripping off of her face. She sat there for a several moments letting her heart calm its frantic pace while she tried to rid her mind of her dream. After calming down she glanced over to her alarm and noted it was about time for her to start her day. With a sigh she got out of bed and went to her closet. She stood before the white painted door and braced herself. She could feel the fear still within herself. With a smooth motion she opened the door only to find her clothes hanging up. She grabbed a dark blue shirt and moved over to the dresser where she pulled out a pair of black pants. She quickly retreated to the bathroom for a short shower to rid herself of the sweat from the night.

While showering she tried to come up with a plan. She knew the dream was real, but was not sure anyone would believe her, however she had to make it known. Feeling clean she stepped out of the shower and dried off, leaving her hair for last. After putting on her new clothes she stepped out into the cold hallway. She walked into the kitchen and over to the fridge. She grabbed two eggs and three slices of bread. She placed the pieces of bread in the toaster and grabbed a pan and placed it on the stove top. She sprayed the pan down and began to cook herself a quick breakfast.

She sat down at the table with the fried eggs and toast. She slowly ate her breakfast while occasionally looking around the room for something that was out of place. She finished her breakfast and did the dishes. After drying the dished off she went about finishing her homework.

It took her several hours but she finally finished her homework. She stood up and stretched. She went about the empty house and gathered things she needed for the day while tidying up a bit.After finishing she then stepped outside and locked the door. She started down the sidewalk towards the squad car parked out front.

As she approached two cops stepped out. The first one was a male slightly skinny, with only a mustache and beard on his face. The other was a female cop. She looked rather young and had long brown hair.

"Where's Dan?" Christine asked looking at the emotionless faces of the two cops.

"At the hospital. He was involved in some sort of near fatal accident from the looks of things." The female cop said, looking into Christine's eyes.

The male cop walked quickly around to Christine's side and began to move her forcefully forward towards the door of the car, which the female cop held open. "We need you to come with us. The chief wishes to speak to you at the station."

"What does he need to speak to me for? Has he found the suspect?"

"We do not know. He just had us pick you up for him."

Christine was pushed into the car and sat in the back seat as the car started up. She was forced to watch the scenery pass by as they drove to the police station. Once there she was escorted to a small room. The room itself was made up of only a table and two chairs with a dim lamp overhead. On one wall she saw a what she could only guess was a two-way mirror. Hearing the door close behind her she decided to sit in a chair. After what seemed like several slow minutes the door opened up again and in walked officer Bryant and FBI agent Kenneth, their normally calm expression turned sour. Bryant stood off next to the door while Kenneth sat down.

"What is this all about? Did you find the person responsible for what happened?"Christine felt some tension build up as she waited for the answer.

"We are close." Kenneth said in a stressed out voice.

"Then why am I here? I have no other information to give you."

"Oh cut the act, we all know you were the one who attempted to kill Alexander." Kenneth said suddenly.

"Wha? I would never do such a thing to my brother."

"Of course you would, all the pieces have fallen into place and they all point to you."

"I could never do such a thing to him!" Christine said beginning to feel her anger rise at these accusations.

"The way I see it you went and bought the ship for your brother. You came back and then you snapped. You dragged him off to the bathroom and forced him underwater. Then you took him back, most likely on a towel, and dried off the tub and any other mess that happened during the struggle, then you proceeded to throw away the towel. Then at the hospital, when you thought he would be safe, he came through. He started to tattle on you slowly. Dan, the officer sent to watch you went and told a nurse he has awoken. By the time they returned they saw him go back in the coma. Knowing that he knew was was telling on you, you got tried to get rid of the witness which was Dan. Confess that you did it!"

Christine was speechless for a short while. She did not know what to say against the accusations being thrown at her. Finally she found her voice. "Listen it was not me. What Alex was saying when he came through was about a dream. He talked about a man under a red moon who did that to him. I believe in what he said because I saw that man as well." Christine said without thinking.

Bryant walked over to Kenneth and placed a hand on his shoulder. Kenneth left the room and Bryant took his place on the chair.

"Do you understand what your saying? You are claiming he got killed in a dream, that he nearly drowned in a dream."

"I know that it sounds farfetched, and if I was in your shoes I'd doubt myself as well, however I seen that man last night, and he did get my brother." Christine felt herself clench down onto her pants. She knew this sounded like a crazy story.

"Christine, its alright. Its obvious you are intent on this story. So could you tell me about this man, or the dream?"

"Not like you will believe me anyways, but I was on the beach. It was during a family vacation a couple years back. We managed to get a beach to our selves." She paused not wanting to continue the story. Bryant gave her time to gather herself, all the while smiling to encourage her to continue.

"We sat down for dinner. It was the entire family, including my father. Suddenly they all looked up and we watched the moon change red, starting from the center and growing outwards, eventually covering the entire moon and tinting the ground. It was then the entire family disappeared and I was left behind. Under the moon stood that man. He had a hat with long sides and a cloak covering most of his other features. Under the hat two red eyes cut through the darkness. I tried to run away, but he kept pace with me easily, like he was toying with me. I continued to run, which eventually led me to a group of houses. They made a good maze, and so I ran into them. That did not help at all though. He continued to follow me as I ran deeper into the maze. I stopped for a moment. That is when he began to talk. A fanged smile broke out on his face and he held out a white gloved hand. I eventually tried to run again, but I ran into him shortly as I began to run in the other direction. He was one with the shadows. I sat there in fear as he continued to speak. Finally he tried to grab me but I began to disappear. It was then I woke up from the dream."

"Interesting dream there." Was all Bryant said as Kenneth stepped through the door.

"Alright I got the orders from the chief. You are coming with us."

"Where am I being taken?" Christine said with a shaky voice as she stood up from her chair.

"We have been told to keep watch over you, so you are going to be held here. Cuff her and take her to one of the empty rooms downstairs."

Christine was just shocked. Being eighteen she was about ready to finish school and go onto collage. Now she was about to be thrown in jail for something she did not commit. She felt the cold metal slap around and tighten around her wrists. She was then forcefully shoved to move with the rest of the people. She felt tears starting to well up on the other side of her eyes, but she fought strong to hold them back. She went down a set of stairs and was thrown into a small room. Only a small window with bars was there to shed light. The walls were plain, and the only bars to take note of was that on the window. In the corner was a small camera watching her every move. Feeling alone she curled up on the small bed and put her head between her lap as she allowed the tears to flow.

Hours passed and it was now night time. Christy laid there curled on the bed feeling hopeless, her eyes red and all out of tears. Her dinner was still on the floor where it was left. Eventually some light footsteps could be heard leading up to the door. It opened slowly and a guard came in with another standing outside. The guard examined the tray and seeing it untouched he picked up the tray and turned to leave the room. Before the door could close all the way she could hear soft whispers from the two guards. She was left alone once again. Feeling herself out of tears she let the cool air from outside wash over her as she fell asleep, hoping once she wakes up it will have been a dream.


She woke up on a chair. Next to her was her brother, hooked up to the many wires. She lifted her hand to see what time it was. She gasped seeing as it was well past time for her to get home. She stood up and a blanket that was thrown on her fell to the ground. She folded the blanket and placed it on the chair before she grabbed her things and left the room. On her way out of the hospital few people could be seen. She shrugged it off and accounted it for being seven at night. She exited the hospital and the warm breeze greeted her. She smiled as the wind played with her hair.

She slowly walked along the dead path back to the hotel when she stopped. Not a single soul was seen as she left the hospital, not even someone driving along the road. She found it odd and her need to get home quickly returned. She quickened her walk when she looked up into the sky. Clouds covered everything, but she was easily able to make out the moon. It was a full moon, which managed to shine its beams onto the ground below.

She continued on for a couple of minutes when she suddenly stopped. She looked around and noticed she walked from this spot several times already. Feeling slightly panicked she quickened her pace to a jog. Again and again she passed the same familiar tree and bush which marked her location. She looked up to the sky and her eyes widened with fright. The once white full moon began to bleed into a crimson moon.

Suddenly out of the silent night came a laugh that made her heart leap to her throat in fright. She spun around and there she laid her eyes on him, once again appearing to be one with the shadows. His white fanged grin and red piercing eyes being directed towards Christine. He took a step forward and she took a step back. They continued this dance until the mysterious man grew tired of this little game. In a quick movement he vanished into the shadows. Before Christine could turn around fully the man reappeared and placed his white gloved hand on her shoulder, startling her.

"You are mine now, no longer will you be able to live around in the world of light." He said, his grin getting wider.

She felt herself panic, and burst forth from his light grip with a quick jerk. She ran, not bothering to look behind her, knowing he was easily keeping pace with her. She turned a corner and pressed her body against the brick wall to catch her breath. She looked around the corner and did not see her pursuer.

Then the laughter started again, coming from all directions around her. "Run as you will, but your fear makes you easy prey my dear. You will be mine, and you will not get away from me again." Suddenly the brick wall began to warp into a tall figure. Christine took a step away and began to run once again.

She ran once again, pushing her self past her limits until she could not run any more. She collapsed towards the ground and breathed in air. She felt her energy drained, so she knew she would not be able to run for long if at all. She struggled to figure a way to free herself from this nightmare.

The man appeared in front of her in the form of mist, slowly taking human shape. She tried to get up to run, but her legs would not listen. She sat there feeling hopeless as his shape fully materialized, his back turned to her. He slowly turned around and raised a hand out of the shadow cloak to grab her. She managed to avoid the first clumsy attempt, but was grabbed around the throat by the second hand. She tried to fight back, fear clouding her mind, dulling her other senses. He slowly raised her to face level. She could now smell the putrid breath coming from inside the white fanged mouth.

"I told you would not be able to escape me. You are mine now, and I'm going to love watching your pained expression. It will be a suiting punishment for what hassle you have put me through."

"She looked into his red soul-piercing eyes and felt the tears break. "Why me? Why my brother? What have we ever done to you?" She heard herself scream at the monster.

"Everything and nothing my dear. I came into this shadow world thanks to several kids who held fears, and yet I was trapped here, alongside my brother and sisters thanks to several kids linked together. You happened to be the one that trapped me here."

"I never did such a thing!"

"Oh but you did, you just didn't know it. However I'll eventually be free of this place as I weaken that which binds me here."

Christine felt speechless as the monster gazed harder into her eyes. Minutes seemed to pass as he just looked into her eyes. Suddenly his eyes grew wide, and a grin spread about his face.

"Heh, looks like you are much more than the guardians. You are my key to freedom. Now its time to wake up."

Slowly she began to fade out. She felt almost happy for this moment, however the words and the bold grin made her think otherwise.


"Christine! Wake up!" A large man said slightly shaking Christine.

Christine slowly opened her eyes. There were two figures before her, however her vision was blurred. As they came into focus she realized it was Kenneth and Bryant, both with a look of urgency on their face. She slowly sat and suddenly realized a loud alarm was blaring.

"Come on, we need to get out of here. Something is going on with this place." Kenneth said taking a shotgun off his back and checking it out. Bryant took out his issued gun as well.

"Whats happening?" Christine said concerned with what would cause the two people to come armed.

"We are not sure. We just know something has halted communication with the west side of the building. They managed to send a distress call out before they were... interrupted by something. All I know is I don't want to see what is causing this mess." Bryant said putting in a new clip of bullets and preparing it to fire.

"What about the other prisoners?"

"This is only holding. You are the only resident here. Everyone else has been moved to another building."

Without further word she was escorted out in the hall. Kenneth took the back and Bryant took the front. At each corner they stopped and looked around, afraid of being followed. On their way Christine grabbed a jail bar which was torn from the bared door. She felt the need to have something to protect herself with. They neared the entrance with no struggle. They exited the double doors and stopped suddenly. Outside the moon could be seen clearly. It was crimson, casting a red tint onto the ground below.

"Christine... I believe you know." Kenneth said looking around, with Bryant nodding at that statement.

"Now is not the time, he will be coming for us soon enough." Christine said feeling more and more nervous by the moment. The visible trees danced around without the slightest hint of wind.

Suddenly a familiar laugh could be heard all around. The three looked around, their weapons at the ready for what ever may come. "Look over there." Bryant said pointing towards the doors they came from. It slowly opened, revealing a man covered in shadows. He carried a bloody corpse which dragged against the floor. He tossed the corpse towards the group.

"I must thank you for this fantastic opportunity my dear. I have not enjoyed myself this much in years. Its such fun feeling the warm blood and soft organs. If it was not for you I'd be waiting for the next person to stumble into my domain."

Without warning Both Kenneth and Bryant opened fired.  They fired bullet after bullet till their guns ran out. They quickly began to reload only to find the monster perfectly fine and beginning his walk towards them.

Kenneth finished loading the shotgun and closed the barrel. He pointed it at the monster and began to fire. Shortly after Bryan jumped back in to the attack. Their bullets had no effect on him. He continued to walk forwards, simply shrugging off this minor annoyance.

"Quickly run away. We will halt his progress. Just get someplace away from here." Bryant said still facing towards the man.

"Christine shook her head. "It won't matter, he will find me where ever I go."

"This is not the time to argue about this. Go now!"

The humanized form drifted ever closer, finally within reach of Kenneth. With a quick unseen movement Kenneth was sent flying, with his shotgun flying in the opposite direction. Bryant returned his attention back to the task at hand. He emptied his gun while stepping back with each pull of the trigger.

Christine took a deep breath and tightened her grip on the metal bar in her hands. She began in a slow pace towards the road where Kenneth was thrown, being sure to keep her eyes on what was going on. Kenneth was on his back, but alive. He motioned to Christine to kneel down closer. She followed orders and he attempted to speak. It was soft and unintelligible, but he picked his voice up a little and carefully told her to retreat, to leave them behind to buy her some time.

"I'm sorry, but escape from him is hopeless. . . and what if I was to run? Not much I can do to him that you two have not tried. All I have is this metal rod and bullets are not effecting him."

"We must try something." He managed to say in a low voice between gasps of air. "Go."

As Christine looked up she saw Bryant was being held in the air by his neck. Slowly his body grew limp and he was tossed aside. The monster slowly turned to face Christine, his eyes burning was a desire to destroy. A tooth filled smile grew wide on his face as he began to walk towards Christine. She felt her heart once again begin to race. She felt her legs become paralyzed, unable to move despite having the desire to do just that. She became desperate as he was almost in range to reach out and grab her. She held onto the metal bar with all her strength and when he took a step forward she swung with all her might while closing her eyes.

She felt the bar make contact with a loud thud and she opened her eyes as a slight howl of pain emitted from the creature before her. Both their eyes were wide as they did not expect this. Christine grew slightly bolder and retracted the bar and swung once again, this time aiming for his head. It made contact again and it sent the humanized monster staggering back holding onto his wounded head, his hat was now nowhere to be seen.

The man quickly shook his daze away and began to walk forward again. Christine swung again, only to have the metal bar stopped mid swing. The man simply smiled as he grabbed the bar and threw it behind him.

"Now that was an unexpected surprise my dear. So this is what you call pain. Well I will have no more of that, however I'm more than willing to pay you back for that little lesson." The man slowly disappeared in the shadows around Christine. Not seeing him in front of her made her mind race. Her first instinct was to rush for the metal bar once again, or otherwise get another weapon. She looked down towards the ground and remembered Kenneth and Bryant. She made up her mind and within an instant she rushed forward going towards the weapon. A familiar black mass began to take human form next to the bar so she quickly changed direction and began towards the shotgun. The black mass growled in frustration and began to disappear again.

Christine dove forward as the mass began to form just inches away from the gun. She managed to grab the gun and hit the ground on her left shoulder, causing her to wince in pain. She ignored the pain and stood up. She braced the gun against the right shoulder and pulled back the trigger. The gun kicked back with enough force that sent her reeling backwards ever so slightly. She smiled as she looked ahead. The black mass which stood before her held its side with its long thin hand. From between the fingers red blood began to ooze out. Christine set the gun back up and shot off another round after aiming higher. She managed to brace herself for the recoil this time. The beast staggered back, this time a small gap was blown through his upper torso.

Christine readied another round. She aimed and pulled the trigger, only to hear the sound of the gun being empty. She tossed the shotgun towards Kenneth and rushed to the metal bar on the ground. Grabbing it she ran back and swung the bar several times. Again and again the bar made contact. The beast toppled over, face first onto the ground. Christine thrusted the bar into the head before running over to Kenneth.

"Who would have guessed you had it in you kid. Now mind going to see if Bryant is alright?"

"Sure, just hang tight and we will all get out of here soon."

Christine stood up and ran over to Bryant, only stopping to glance at the body of the beast to make sure it still was dead. Upon reaching his body she knelt down and placed her fingers on his neck to check for a pulse. Finding nothing she moved to the wrist to check again. Finally she placed her head on his chest to check for any sound of a heart beat. Being unsuccessful she stood up with a sorrow filled look upon her face. She walked back to Kenneth to relay the news.

"Sorry looks like he didn't make it. He was not breathing and I didn't get a pulse. I'm sorry."

"Guess I'll have to meet him in heaven then. I knew he should not have became a police officer, but he was stubborn like me."Kenneth said unable to take his eyes off of Bryant's lifeless body.

"Well I'm sure if he was alive right now he would say to get you to the hospital, so shall we head that way?" Christine stated offering a hand to Kenneth.

"I'm in no position to walk. And I sure as hell can't drive in the state I'm in."

"Well if there's a car nearby I could drive us, I was about to get my license before all this happened."

Kenneth reached to his side and dug in his pocket. He pulled out a small key ring. "Alright, here are the keys. You will find the car in the tenth spot in the garage."

"Thanks, I'll be sure to hurry back, just sit tight." Christine stood up quickly and ran towards the garage. Inside she ducked below the black and yellow stripped bar and proceeded deeper in the parking garage. She counted the spaces as she reached slot ten. The unlocked the door of the car and slid into the seat. She put the key into the ignition and took a sigh of relief before starting the car up. She put the car into reverse and set out of the parking lot. She rammed through the gate and out onto the field, and she quickly returned to where she left Kenneth.

She returned to the front and quickly stopped the car. Kenneth could be seen, but that was not caught her attention. The monster was attempting to get back up. She threw the car in drive and stepped on the gas. She moved forward feeling the car run over the man. She stopped next to Kenneth who just looked with amazement. Christine stepped out and rushed to his side.

"Okay listen, do you have any more shells for the gun? She asked Kenneth. Kenneth dug around his clothes and brought out a small belt with only a couple rounds left. Christine took it and ran over and picked up the gun. She opened the barrel and started to place two shells in the barrel. After closing it she moved closer and took aim at the still downed but moving figure. With a swift pull of the trigger she felt the recoil against her shoulder. A slight splatter happened as the slug shell struck his shoulder, dislocating it from the body. The dislocated arm began to grow into a shadow like blob. The wound which the arm was once located began to ooze red blood. The area around the arm seemed to burn away, revealing pale rotting flesh underneath the shadows.

"Heh, I guess you figured it out. However let me tell you. Even if you get rid of my body I'll be waiting to return my dear, for one can not really kill someone born of dreams." With that he began to give an evil laugh. Christine took one final look at the humanized shadow below her. She moved the shotgun onto her shoulder and took careful aim. As she pulled the trigger she could see his smile, and soon the laughter echoed into the night. Soon the red moon returned to normal and she returned to her original task of taking Kenneth to the hospital.
The third chapter of WN. The creature hints at others who haunt the dreams. One can only imagine what a family reunion would be like for them if they are all like him.

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