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Several days have since passed since the strange events have occurred leaving an odd feeling inside those who witnessed it. While they know it has happened those who were not witness to the events were only convinced the story they told was fabricated. This was all Christine could think about while in school. The looks from the other students and a couple teachers made her feel alienated in school, but once the bell rang she was free and she felt a smile appear on her face everyday when she returned to her home in that apartment building. As she entered the threshold of the apartment she was greeted by a hug from her energetic younger brother.

"Hey there Alex, how was school today?"

"It was alright, I managed to get out of a few tests and PE, so it was not all that bad."

"So how are you doing on your makeup homework?"

"Well I have most of it done, but the last few are all math and I'm stumped on what they want me to do on it."

"Well I can help you for a little while if you would like."

"Would you? That would help a lot."

"Why don't you get the work out and I'll join you in the kitchen after I change out of these clothes." Alexander quickly rushed over to the table as Christine walked into her room. She sat down on the bed for a moment and took a moment to rest in silence. She was happy to see her brother so energetic, but she was still worried about him. Quickly she changed out of those cloths and into a old pair of Jeans and a white shirt. She exited the hall and deposited her old clothing into the hamper. She walked slowly back to the kitchen. There she opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water and sat next to her brother so she could help him with his homework.

Two hours passed by quickly and before they knew it their mother came home. She locked the door behind her after announcing herself and the gift of food she brought with her from work. She walked into the kitchen and placed the bag on the unoccupied area of the table and walked over to the fridge to get out drinks and condiments. Alexander and Christine quickly moved the papers and books off the table and onto the counter.

Christine got another cheese burger with pickles. Alexander got a chicken fried chicken dinner, and the mom got herself a burger loaded with various veggies. Throughout dinner they had small talk. after finishing they decided to call it quits for now and move into the living room for a comedic movie.

While the three sat there Christine could not help but smile. It felt good to be able to do this with her family. Several times a day, and often during her dreams she would think about what could have happened. She shook the bad thoughts from her mind and returned to the movie at hand.


The sun greeted Christine as a bright ray fell onto her face as it found its way through the blinds. She turned to look at the clock on the bedside, and slowly got up. She made her way into the bathroom to take a quick shower after picking out the day's cloths. The warm water felt good and she let the gentle spray hit her face and wash over her body, her mind drifting slightly.

She got out and dried off. She took a moment and looked over herself in the mirror as she finished drying her hair. The normal color has returned and all seemed normal, but inside as she looked into her eyes she say her own fear of that creature, afraid it will once again attempt to finish what it started. Finishing up by combing her hair she put on the day's clothing consisting of a black blouse and slightly faded black jeans. She exited the bathroom and walked into the kitchen for a light breakfast while she waited on her brother to awaken. Once she was finished with her eggs she walked into the living room and curled up on the couch and returned to her place in the latest book she found herself enjoying.

Several minutes went off before she heard the light steps and the closing of the bathroom door signaling her brother's awakening. She waited upon the couch for a couple of minutes till the sound of the door opening caught her ears and tore her mind from the book she had at hand. Slowly her tired brother walked into the living room past her to the kitchen with no word but a slight yawn. The sound of cupboards opening and closing was music to her ears. She put her plain bookmark to mark her place and set the book down onto the arm of the chair before walking into the kitchen to assist her brother.

"Need some help there?" She said smiling as her sudden voice caused a small jump in her brother.

"What are you doing home sis?" Alexander said just noticing her sister was home.

"Don't you remember, today is a busy day for the both of us. First we have the funeral for officer Bryant and then we both have our appointments with the therapist a short while after that."

"Oh yeah..." Alex sat down and let the recent events soak in.

"You know, after we get back home perhaps we could take the rest of the day off and watch movies and build that ship of yours. What do you say?"

"Sure that sounds fine."

"Well can I help fix you anything for breakfast?"

"Some eggs if you don't mind."




Christine slowly bowed her head in respect as the priest gave the eulogy. Deep down she could not help but feel regret in his death. She kept thinking if she was not involved in this, Officer Bryant would continue to live his life fighting the wrongs in this small town. The funeral was long, and she wished she could have done something to help his family cope with the sudden loss.

Slowly she left the parking lot  with Alexander in tow. She was unlocking the door when she heard soft footsteps stop behind her. She turned around and noticed agent Kenneth.

"Hey thanks for coming out for his funeral. It really meant a lot to me, as I'm sure it did to him."

Christine looked over Kenneth again for the third time today. He looked so different in formal clothing and the cast around his leg. His cold emotionless face did not show, instead a face of sorrow took its place. Other than that he seemed unchanged. "Listen I'm sorry I ever got you two into this mess.  You would still be able to converse with Bryant."

"Don't be so hard on yourself. He was a man dedicated to justice. We tried to talk him into going behind the desk for a while after he started working on the field, but eventually it became clear he was happiest dealing justice to criminals. Its not entirely hard to grasp he is gone. I'm just sure he wished to further apologize about not believing your story."

"Trust me, I don't mind it anymore. If I was in your shoes I'd have said the same thing. It was a pretty farfetched story. Listen I am always willing to talk, but right now we kind of have prior engagements with a therapist."

"Its quite alright. I wish you safe trip, and don't forget to ask for me if trouble arises again, I'll be sure to send arrive on the scene personally."

Christine and Alexander got seated in the car and watched Kenneth walk off before starting and started off to their appointment with the therapist downtown. The drive to the office was quiet, for both of them wished not to go, but it was agreed upon that it would be for the best to get most of what happened out in the open. It was not till Christine parked the car at the nearest open spot closest to the door that Alex spoke.

"Hey Chris, before we go mind if I ask a question?"

"What is it?"

"... Is the monster really gone?"

"Yeah, he is gone and will never bother us again." Christine flashed a smile his way causing his worry to become a lost memory. Deep inside Christine was not so sure of her words, but she wanted desperately to believe them.
The epilogue of the first story. Sorry for its suckyness, I don't tend to write good endings most of the time.

As for the next story in the series, it will hold heavy references to the works of H.P. Lovecraft, and maybe a few other places. Just don't quite expect the next section for a while.

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