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Long story short, I wrote something good here, but I was logged out by the time I posted it. So so sum up what I originally wrote:

I am finally getting net. It will be installed tomorrow, but I won't be able to really use it because I work 10-7. I am really excited for this because I will finally be able to do what I want, when I want.

Also it will be wireless so I'll be able to play online. My gamer tag is EarthChaosSnake. As for the games I have that include online multiplayer: CoD:MW2, Plants vs Zombies, Marvel VS Capcom 3, Peggle, Street fighter 4, Soul Calibur 4, Unreal Tournament 3, and MTG.

I'm also trying to get a better job by working for the Lowes DC. 10-12 starting, raise in a few months of working, 12 hour shifts, but work only 3-4 days a week, and they treat everyone well. Not to mention the other unknown benefits.

So I'll see you all soon, and some of you online. Until then, Happy late birthday Monkey, and have a good day ya'll.

Updated with my gamertag (EarthChaosSnake) and fixed many errors in spelling done through a lack of time.
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Well it's 2011 folks. I still find it hard to believe that. I mean last year was a very trying time in my life, but those things have given me a new outlook on life. Where to begin really?

Well I supose I should start by saying I FINALLY got a job. I got it near the end of October, shortly after my last entry. I work at walmart, and I push carts. Yeah, I'm not to thrilled about it either. If you ever consider being a cart pusher, or Stockman as they call us, reconsider. Sure pushing carts may seem like a simple job, but it is very demanding. Well demanding phisically at least. In fact the first week alone was most likely the worst week of my life. I could hardly walk without, and I felt like I went several rounds against a brick wall, with the brickwall winning. And lets not talk about the blisters.

After that week however it became a better job, growing routine quickly. Now after the christmas season I'm about at my limit, and I'm looking for another job. Being treated like a worthless piece of trash by the higher ups is not something I look for in a job. And to make matters worse, the Sams Club cart pushers make 3 dollars MORE than we do, and they have a considerbly easier workload. Smaller lots, less customers, and a electric cart pusher, how I envy them.

But enough about all that gloomy stuff, lets talk cash. With this job I finally was able to buy a lot for me. And as it just so happens, on Black Friday, I bought a 360, something I thought I'd never do. When it first came out, I was all "Okay, so what?" I could care less about it. But it really is a good system. I bought a 4 gig bundle for $200, and it came with Mass Effect 2 (Great game) and COD: Modern Warfare 2 (Not my cup of tea). I then bought several games from then on. Devil May Cry 4, Final Fantasy XIII, Dragonage: Origins, and Soul Calibur to name a few.

Now I only need internet again so I don't have to do everything on a public terminal, but that is another story for another time. I think I bored you all long enough, so I just hope you have a great year.
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... Well as alive as a zombie can be when searching for a job 30 hours a week.

It is now October, one of my favorite months due to one simple fact: Halloween! Ghouls, ghosts, witches, vampires (not the sparklely kind!), and zombies. How I love the history regarding all things supernatural. Just something about it that envokes my creative spirit.

Before I continue on with my mindless rambleings, I have something to say. At this time I'm jobless, I quit that job because I did not have enough contacts to make it worth while. But, something else has taken it's place. We finally found an apartment! WOO! Everything is not completely set up, but I have my computer up and running as best as it can be. The only problem is I'm currently unable to get net. So for now I'm stuck with using the library's connection.

And to top it all off, I find myself with less free time. I've been enrolled in a program in which I have to spend 30 hours each week for 8 weeks searching for a job. It is such a pain, I barely got my 30 hours in this week (-_-;). It will hopefully be worth it, at least that is what I hope.

Well all that means is I'm very busy and have a lack of free time, but because it is October I've been typeing away at ye ol' keyboard writting. It feels good to be back!
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No I'm not talking about 2012. I'm talking about something quite different. I finally got a job. Been filling applications left and right, and finally had my first interview out of ~50 or so applications. Needless to say I spoiled the surprise already. WEEEEEE!

I'm just a bit excited about this. However I'm still on the hunt for another job, one that might be a bit better. But for now I'm happy, I am able to get an income, and possibly get us out of this house.

But beyond that I've been reading a lot. I recommend the book, The serial Killer Club by Jeff Povey. It is a comical take on the genre.

I have also begun writing GS 13. The progress on the editing of the previous chapters was slow due to the lack of computer time, but the latest chapter is slowly being wrote using good old pen and paper.

Well I truly wish I could say more, but nothing else comes to mind.

Edit: Job Update:

Well I managed to get through my first weekend on the job. In short I am currently working for Vector Marketing, and despite what it sounds like it is not an office job. Vector is a division of cutco, which makes the worlds best cutlery. So I'm basically selling knives. We get $15 for every appointment we set up and have, and we get commission for every sale we get. We do not go door to door, in fact we only speak to friends and family, and those we are recamended to. It is a pretty good job, except for one thing which is really holding me back, I have a lack of people in town to start with :P. So I'm hoping I'll build a list of people through the few I do know.

And because it is commission, and because we work at our own pace, I'm still looking for another job to become the main while I work at this one on the side till things pick up.

Still though, I FINALLY HAVE A WORK EXPERIENCE!!! I'm happy about that.
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Well truth be told, it very well is a hint of inspiration. At long last I have ideas flowing through my mind again, but sadly with the lack of good net it will be much longer through the year before any are actually uploaded.

In short I'm working on CH. 2 of A Novel Nightmare. Been reading a lot of Lovecraft as of late, and managed to pass one of the main blocks obscuring any advancement of the story; the locations. And While I know I will never do Lovecraft much if not any justice, I will at least urge myself to make it better than any of the movies spawned from his novels. I really don't want to get into the rant about Lovecraft inspired movies here, so I'll just say most are trash. They are most likely made by someone who skimmed, barely understood, or further more just looked at the idea of his stories. The only one of any good would be the Re-animator movie, and even then it only really used the characters and idea of the story in the long run.

Anyways hope the rest of your March is good, and your April better.
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Been meaning to write this up, but things have been happening way to fast around here.

What has been happening for about a month now has been hard. In short all the walls connected to the outside had to be demolished because mold was growing on them. Each week was similar to the last, only just slightly different from the last. Monday through Friday we would wake up at 7-8:30 and hope and pray the person who was to work got here in time. It normally ran on a set schedule. We had two people under contract, one of doing the painting and demolishing, while the other did the drywall. Mondays and Tuesdays the first guy came in and demolished the walls in the set room, then put up the new isolation. Then Wednesday and Thursday the second guy came in and set up the drywall. Friday the first guy returned to paint. We would get Saturday and Sunday to move stuff around so they could move onto a new room the next week.

It took a month of work, but now things are being put back where they belong. All that time I have not been slacking off either. I've been putting in job applications left and right, but to still no avail. I have a fresh set of applications to turn in, and I hope one of these will give me a chance to shine, but it seems no one wants to take a chance on a first timer. :P

I hope you all have been having a good year. I'm looking forward to next month. According to my Chinese zodiac March in the month of the snake, so hopefully I should have some luck. And while we are in the year of the Tiger as of this upcoming Sunday I feel this will be a great year.

And yes I do like to read into the zodiac stuff. The description of the Earth Snake rather fits me, unlike the description for Sagittarius, which seems very far off and unlike me.

Until next time, keep on living.
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I have not been able to do much on the computer as I've wanted due to very poor weather, which caused very poor net. However things seem to be looking much better. At least I can say it is much better than last years start.

I had a good Xmas, which was filled with love from family. The 2GB MP3 player was just a nice bonus :D.

Also only 1 more year (ok less than that if you wish to get technical) till I can legally drink! I'm sure when that day comes around I'll be taken to a couple of bars as has been the ongoing joke from my family. I can however already say I am warming up to the taste of both wine and Champagne. Vodka and Tequila on the other hand... And no, I have only had sips, and that is all I can really base my assumptions off of. I will however never go overboard with it.

Today was also rather good. Only 7 days into the new year and I'm hyped up on coffee. Long story short, got up early (8 A.M.)went to the local Borders Cafe and was bought a coffee and a scone! That was one tasty scone I tell you. While there I was able to fill out an application. Looks rather good, very few if not any have applied for the cafe. I would love to work there. Books and coffee, is there anything more needed to live a good life?

So yeah, on the way home someone else bought me a coffee, so I'm good. So before I go on any further boring your ears off with my coffee induced rant, I wish you all a happy new year!
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Things seem to have went rather smooth this month, despite being September. We have not made much progress on finding a place of our own though, but once again we have an idea! Just wish more places in this town would accept pets. You would think Cheyenne Wyoming is Anti-Pet or something.

The weather outside has also been getting colder recently. Not that it is a bad thing. I love this colder weather, reminds me of better times. It also keeps my mind fresh as I go about my business.

Still been in a slight funk with my writing. I've only managed to come up with short ideas. I might be out of the writers block though, but that time spent within left me without motivation. I just might go over my old stories, to fix them up or something. Bleh this still personally sucks though.

That said things should pick up soon, I have a few ideas to re-motivate and get my back in the game. I wish you all a happy Halloween.
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Jobless, and still riddled with writers block, but alive none the less. Figured I'd get some sort of journal up before September, which is normally the one time of the year I drop off the face of the net, and become as scarce as possible. September has never been kind to me and sometimes I think the Greenday song "Wake me up when September Ends" becomes my theme of the month. However this year I am looking at it slightly differently. The beginning of the year has been... Well lets just say horrible, for the lack of a good term to describe everything. That's not to say nothing good came out of those months, but it has been a rather bad year. But enough about that.

I've been lurking around the net for a while now. Looking for anything that might inspire me out of this mind block. The only time I seem to get any ideas is when I am taking a bath. The bath tub just seems to be the 'Idea Center' for me, but I always rethink or forget about the ideas as soon as I get out, resulting in not writing them down. I'm going to be trying out some new music to see if that won't help me break this curse. If anyone out there has a song that might work PLEASE give me the artist and title, and maybe a link to a video with it.

Other than trying to get my mind out of this funk and trying to find a job I've been watching a game grow. I was there at the beginning, and even a little before that with the first canceled project, and I have had high hopes that this game might someday grow into something fantastic. After being stopped once it has been worked on again from the ground up. The game is called Element, which is a MMO make in gamemaker. Yes not the most fantastic tool for game making, but anything can be used to make something great. The community is great, if not small at the moment, but I have hopes it will grow into a great community. Check out MonkykingZX's gallery ( for some concept sketches and the forum ( for all the elemental goodness.

That pretty much describes what I've been doing. I did finally get to see watchmen, and I must say it was well worth it. Great movie. Well enough rambling. Hopefully soon I'll have some positive news and maybe a new chapter or two to show for my time. Sorry for the rant. See you all around soon.
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It seems things are looking up again, but my hopes have been dashed for several times before, but this time however it seems everything is in our favor to get our own place again.

Recently my mom changed jobs, gaining more money. I've also been applying left and right for a job, but alas still no luck. Anyways with that rent help thing still in effect we might be able to save up enough money to make the down-payment.

But enough with that dreary stuff. As you might have noticed I've been a bit lazy on writing. I just have not found the zeal to write. Every idea I've been working with ended in failure, and have been thrown in my scrap folder in case I intend to work on them some other time. It is always a bummer to be in such a rut as this, but soon it too will pass, but I feel I am on the verge of breaking the writers block however. Only time will tell though.

I have however been having lots of fun. A year or so ago I stumbled upon a free game called the spirit engine. In short it is a RPG with fantastic music, simple 2D graphics and an interesting system. Recently a sequel was released, however unlike the first it was not free. A friend managed to buy the game for me to return a favor I did for them a while ago. Lets just say I was not expecting him to repay the favor, but that e-mail was most welcomed.

Anyways I've been playing the sequel. The soundtrack is just as fantastic, the updated graphics are still pleasing to the eyes, and the upgraded system have been giving me challenges. From what I can realize I'm nearing the end and finally the difficulty has made my quick advancement slow down to a crawl on the normal difficulty. Will eventually complete it though, just need to grind slightly.

Anyways just was excited that this might be the final month, and that about sums up what was happening in my neck of the world.
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Ok so I've been on a zombie kick as of late. Not quite sure what started it, but things seem to be turning up zombies a lot recently. I honestly think it may be the chain of zombie movies. Some good, some bad, but all of them cheesy.

With that said this Zombie thing motivated me to turn my idea for a comic into a story, which I managed to finish the prologue. In short it takes the idea of humans turning into zombies thanks to some mistake, but gives it a twist. The main character is the last zombie. He is gifted with intelligence, and leaves his hiding spot in order to find a place to live away from humans.

I Am Zombie: Prologue…

On top of that I've been having a blast at playing popcap's newest game Plants VS Zombies. It is a Tower defense type game, which means you need to stop the waves of zombies from making it into your house. Your defense against this threat is a wide variety of plants. Normally after each stage you gain the use of a new plant to help you save your brain. Plus there is several other modes of play which gets unlocked eventually to add to the challenge. Really a great game, give it a look.

Now as for music Zombies have not yet to pop up. However a new OCremix did get added recently which has me listening to is several times a day.… Its the Zelda theme done on beer bottles.

With all that said its back to work for me. I am not even close to completing my quota of written words this month. Should hopefully get them done soon though.

Current projects:
Giant's Solace Ch 12: In progress
A Novel Nightmare Ch2: Idea Phase
Shadow of Ones Mind CH 9-?: Not started
I am Zombie CH 1: Slow Idea Phase
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Things are crazy all over, but I'm thankful I'm able to relax a bit here at home.

For starters lets talk about the swine flu. I am laughing at people right now. "Oh no! Its the swine flu!" If its not one thing igniting the populace of the world into mass hysteria, its another. It has been around for a while, and it is only getting noticed now, why? Well the answer is simple, because the doctors have been looking at past accounts and realizing that people had it before, adding to the numbers now. Of course that's not to say there is not a threat, but it is decreasing in Mexico from what I have seen.

Ok now that is over with, I feel better getting that off my chest. I have been at home (of course :P) and I have got a minor flu from my brother. Nothing major, just slight coughing and increased sneezing. Should be gone before I know it. And despite having this cold I've been having fun staying up late. It seems I found a new fondness for British comedies and other TV shows. Each were good in their own rights, and I am looking forward to watching the next season... just wish they would release faster.

Dexter was the first Series I started recently. TO sum it up it is a show about a killer. The killer (Dexter) is a blood-splatter specialist for the Miami Cops. Currently there are 2 seasons on DVD, with a third season currently airing on TV, I believe. Each season is sadly only twelve episodes, but for a hour each, it kept me going for a while. It is filled with twists, both predictable and not, and has its fair share of laughs. It is filled with blood, the occasional tame sex scene, and a small bit of language, but overall it might be worth it if you like having a killer for a protagonist.

Then we started with Little Britain, a comedy sketch show. Many view its crude jokes as childish, but I found many of them to be quite funny, and while some seemed to be horrid sketches many grew on me. Now we tend to quote several phrases around the house :D. At the beginning the sketches tend to just be crude, but they get more perverted as the show goes on. There are three seasons right now, a live show and a abroad version, as well as a Little Britain USA being released now. As with most British shows, it is short.

Then comes the final show, The IT Crowd. I must admit, I have fallen in love with this show. The plot is about two IT support staff members working. Their now boss knows almost nothing about computers. Each episode tends to be filled with laughs. Sadly like other British shows, it is short at only six episodes. This is by far one of the better shows as of late.

Finally lets talk about the stories. I managed to reach my goal at the last minute before the days end. I managed to finish the next chapter of the Series "Dreams Happen" and Giants Solace. They are both in the final phase of being read a couple times over before putting them on. I'm not quite sure I'm happy about the ending of GS:11 though, might make a few last minute changes.

That pretty much covers everything going on. Hope you all have a great May.

Current projects
Giant's Solace Ch 11 - About ready to upload
SoOM CH 6-8 - Uploaded
Drams happen Second Section - Ready to upload
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Yup in a few days it will have been three months here. Its kind of a scary thought, but that is reality. Of course light has been shed on this situation. We might hopefully be able to get out this month, at least that is what we are hoping.

Other than that things have been rather good here. I've been rather book hungry as of late. I've been given a second book of H.P. Lovecraft stories, several of which were not in the other book. So far I read two stories which I loved, which is Beyond the Wall of Sleep and Herbert West - Reanimator.

Yup if you did not know already the movie Reanimator is based off the short story and while I can't compare the two medias yet, I will soon be able to since I will be renting the movie of it soon enough.

The story front has been doing alright, although recently I did not have much time to write, but I hope to change that soon enough.

That said, hope you all have a good April.

Active projects:
DH: ?? CH1; Done, working on title and spell checking it
SoOM CH 6-9: Starting Rewriting
Giant's Solace CH 11 - Idea phase
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Recently we have decided on a slight change of plans. If you recall in the journal 2 weeks and going strong I made mention of a web-comic project I was involved in. Well after a small talk we decided to change our initial idea. We decided it was to complex of a subject for a starter web-comic, so instead we came up with a simpler idea. The new idea is going to be more comical of an idea. In short it will be about a kind old senile lady who owns several cats. The thing is however a couple of the cats are out for blood, and they have one target in mind. Every attempt they make end up foiled due to some mishap.

I'm excited about this simple, but fun comic in the works, and I'm sure it will turn out to be a fantastic project.

Now with that out of the way I have been working hard on my writing. I have made a big effort to lengthen my stories and so far it is paying off. Hopefully soon I'll finish the 4th chapter of the project I've been working on so I can add it online, but I've never been that good at epilogues. I have a good idea of where to go with this series after this story, but that's for after writing this, which should not take much longer.

I've also been spending some of my time writing the next chapter of Giant's Solace, which is at the beginning of the eighth page. I hope it will be a good read for others as I have been having fun with the ideas for writing this chapter.

Active projects:
Giant's Solace CH 10: 8 pages in and it's getting good.
DH:WN CH4: Progressing slowly
SoOM: Rewrite CH 7: Not started
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Recently I decided to take a slight vacation from everything in general. During that time I managed to get a lot done, although nothing big by any standards. I managed to read a good lot, and almost beat the first Shadow Hearts, which while shorter and more standard RPG than the other two installments, but it has taken its place as my second favorite in the series.

I did get some writing done. It was all in a single chapter of a short story I'm working on. Its only two complete chapters as of now, but it is quite large. I can see a total of 4 chapters being made for the story. It will be a part of a series dealing with dreams. All short stories, hopefully ranging of only 1-4 chapters a piece. I'm quite pleased with the progress of it, and I'm sure you all will be pleased once I'm finished and add it online.

On another note for those who are fans of Music/Overclocked Remixes/Tales of series you might want to check the new album recently released at the OCR site. This album is remixes from the games Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Symphonia. The album size is around 280 MBs. For those who don't know OCRs are remixes of video game music free to download. The remixes range from jazz to metal from several games. <a href="> is the central hub of that community. I have not listened to the entire album as of yet, but from what I've listened to its one of the better albums.

So hope you all had a good weekend, and I'll see you around.

                   Current Projects:
Shadow of ones Mind Ch 6-8 - Starting rewriting of CH 7.
Giant's Solace CH 10 - 6 pages in, and slowly progressing towards the action.
DH:WN CH4/4 (Epilogue) - Beginning to write
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  • Playing: Shadow Hearts(Doing final sidequests)
Its that time of the year for my family where we sit down and watch several movies, and the time could not be any better. Everyone's spirits are high and work for those who do work has gone by pretty well. I'm looking forward to this years movie weekend :D.

Speaking of movies, we did manage to watch one of the three movies we got in. The Haunting of Molly Hartley was a good movie, it would have been one to see in the theaters, we hope to buy it shortly. The trailers for it did not do the movie justice. It was a fantastic thriller/horror. All through the movie you keep asking your self questions, such as "Is this due to her going insane?" The ending in itself left a little to want, but it was a good ending which left it open enough for a sequel.

Other than that I have been writing for 85% of the time I have been on the computer. It was mostly spent on a few new ideas, but can't complain about that. Although I honestly should begin on again on SoOM. I have not really worked on it since I finished working on the second chapter.

Decided on the First|Previous|Next|Last thing. However if you have a better solution, feel free to bring it up with me.

Current projects:
SoOM CH 2-5; Done
Giant's Solace CH 10; Not started
New story code named DH:WN:CH1; 6 pages in and going strong
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Its funny. I recently finished reading to the current point of A shadowlander's dream by Shinigami-Shimai (…) and the wheels in my mind began to spin. I began to draw in several different ideas of stories and as of now I think I may have just got rid of the writer's block that has been haunting me for the past week or so. I've managed to begin production on the next chapter of GS, not to mention several other ideas which may make it into something I'll work on a lot more later.

But that was not the only kind of creativity that was inspired. Out of no where I got the idea "Why not try my hand at making Deviantart stamps." SO I quickly began to work on that when I could. I managed to make my first stamp, which I think turned out well for my first stamp, and for my first animated picture. I do admit it is simple in the color scheme, but I think it works.

Edit: Well it seems a couple people liked it. In a 24 hour period it gained a home in 2 collections as well as being faved twice.  

In other news I'm looking forward to tomorrow. We should get in three movies from Netflicks, which includes The Haunting of Molly Hartley, which I have been dieing to watch since I saw the previews. Not only that but the Dead Like Me movie is coming in, and the new Steven Seagal movie, Against the dark. I admit I have not been to happy with his recent movies, but the thought of him in a horror movie makes me laugh, so I'm hoping it will be at least funny

We are also looking into a few low income apartments, but that is neither here nor there. All I hope for is the inside is clean and bug free.

Also one of my friends somehow got my to start a twitter account. So if you have one, feel free to add me.

So in short, I began on a mad creative spree which included making stamps and writing some random things, will be getting in three (hopefully) good movies in tomorrow, and I started using twitter.

Working on:
SoOM CH 2-5; 1/4 chapters finished
Giant's Solace Chapter 9; Spell checking. ETA: sometime in the next 48 hours.
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I find it ironic. A day after getting a plan started to continue posting stories the computer starts having problems. Everything was pretty much fine, except for the small problem of the USB ports not working.

So as such won't be able post much more for a short while till my brother can find the start up disks. However when it is back up and running I am sure be very productive as I'm feeling the writers itch. And while fixing up old stories won't fill that itch it will at least be something to do.

Other than that everything has been going smoothly. The comic has been going well, my sanity is staying in tact, and the job hunt continues.

Edit: Managed to edit some spelling errors in a couple of the stories.

Edit again: Managed to find time to finish chapter 7 of GS. I was then able to finish chaper 8 which was almost completed right before the move. So I was able to get to chapters out in one day. :D YAY me. Oh and it we have some idea of where to look for the start up disks.

Edit yet again: Ok so we managed to fix the usb thing with a format. With that being said, I got back to work.

I also managed to fix some things in a couple of the stories. If you find anything wrong with any of the stories, please feel free to tell me.

Currently working on:
SoOM Chapters 2-5; 1/4th of way done
Giant's Solace Chapter 9; Idea phase
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With hope in my heart once more I felt the urge to be creative again. While I can't get enough time to write a good story, I did manage to come up with several new ideas. Further more as you might notice I have a avatar on DA finally :D. After being introduced to GIMP, a free image manipulation program, and then getting a portable version for me to use as I so choose, I decided to mess around with it. As of now I'm not so good, but I did manage to create a candle (thanks to a tutorial) and the image you see above. Everything but the background is of my own work. The background was made thanks to a script I found.

Anyways I did not mean to ramble on. If you go look in the gallery you will notice a few things. While nothing big by any standards, but there is now a section for GS. In that area you will see a place for a description, which I hope to add soon, and a chapter listing. There It goes up to chapter 7, which is not out yet. Beside Chapter 7 is the time I hope to release it.

Other than that I managed to white a small about me on here. That and I might be getting a job soon. And if that's the case I'll hope to stay at one chapter a month.

Well cya for now. Heres hoping this month will be a good month.
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To my amazement I looked at a calendar today. It was the first time I was able to this month (we have been forgetting to buy a new one :P) and I realized this was pretty much 2 weeks since we moved in. Its been going pretty well. Sure its a little crowded and the floor makes sleeping hard to do, but its been pretty good.

It was also brought to my attention this is an important date for my family. All the morning I knew today was something special, but I could not put my finger on what it was. It turns it out was the anniversary of my father's passing. I think the sky outside is fitting. It is filled with the expression of sorrow.

Other than that I've been doing good since the last time I checked in. While I haven't got much writing in during that time, I have started on a new project, something much bigger than I have done so far. While I can't let loose to much of the project I can say a few things regarding it.

The project will be in two phases basically. The first phase is what I'm working on now. I am teaming up with two others to do a collaboration on a webcomic. I'm working on the script now on the first story. It has a good start to it already. As for the plot, all I can say is it is not the normal Angel/Demon comic ;) We are hopeing to start this comic mid summer/ early fall.

As for phase 2, that really depends on how well Phase 1 does. While I have no part in it aside from coming up with some ideas, it does seem to be coming along nicely. This project will be a buy-able comic. Art will be done by the same person doing the art for the webcomic. We are hoping to release this comic sometime next year if we get a good following with the webcomic.

More on the comics as times draws closer.

Edit 1/27/09:

Well we finally got some good news. It seems we have only one more month of living here. The apartment we were looking in finally talked to us. The nearest opening is in a month or so. They also accept cats, and we will be paying around half of what we were at the old apartment. :D I'm happy about that. But sadly I am going to have to find my self something else to do for the month :P Just at the end of shadow hearts now.
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