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"I was born in this world, my reason unknown. I would like to think it is to survive. You see, I was born different from all the others, and as of now I am the last. I am a Zombie." A grey colored hand tainted with dried blood set the pencil down to rest as a sigh broke out. He hated to write out these words, but he also hated hearing him speak each word as it is wrote. It was however necessary for speaking about his writing helped him write. He was just thankful no one was around to listen in.

"If you are reading this journal, then let me clear your confused mind. As you might know the zombie race was born from a virus made to end all the wars on Earth. And as you might have guessed it got out, most likely from a scientist with butter fingers who was left in charge of handling the vials. Anyways, many humans were mutated into zombies. However, what most people don't know, there was two different types of mutations. The first type was the brainless zombies. They were the most common. The second type had enhanced intelligence."

"The intelligent zombies created a civilization of our own, which was within a large city. The other zombies were left unchecked, for we considered it was not our concern. That was a big mistake."

"While we left our brain-dead cousins unchecked they rampaged through streets, eating human after human. Eventually the humans became savage and began to battle them by beheading."

"It was then that all zombies were stereotyped as evil and brainless. Everyone in the city knew we were going to war."

"We began to attempt to breed while others began training. We were gravely out numbered by the humans going up in arms. We tried several methods before attempting the most basic method of breeding. We found it was useless for us to breed, but we found we could create life (or the lack there of) by breeding with humans."

"After breeding an army of intelligent zombies we were forced to arms. The humans overcame us after a hard fight across the now decayed and ruined city, Zombopolous. However before it was all over we hid one lone zombie child."

"I hid in a deep cave which, unknown to humans, kept me fed while I grew. They threw in the corpses of the fallen, both human and zombie alike. I hated the bitter taste of the rancid human flesh, but it was better than zombie flesh."

"I learned of the past through cheaply bound books from my people. They told of the history all up to the war. It was thanks to several notes that I found out about myself. It has been many years. From what little I gathered from the few people who dared to come near here, the zombie race has been gone and the humans are rebuilding slowly. I have considered this my time to find a new place to live. The food here has been growing scarcer and the taste of animals has been unpleasant. I am a bit frightened to venture up above ground, but living in a hole is no way to live. I hope the person who reads this spreads the truth of the injustice, but that is not why I wrote this. I just needed to make sure everything has been said so I hold as little regret as possible. Farewell, and wish me luck."

With that final dot for the period he let out a big sigh as he dropped the pencil. He got up from his seat and slowly walked towards the opening of the cave. He often found himself peering out from the corner, but today he stood dead center of the entrance, letting the slight breeze hit his face.  He felt the fear charge through his body, but there was also excitement running alongside it. With a short sigh he began his walk to his new home. Looking over his shoulder he took at the place he called home since he was born before turning around again and continuing his walk.
Originally this was the beginning of a script for a comic. Decided to reword somethings and began to turn it into a story.
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May 23, 2009
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